Soccer is about so many things- passion, talent, tactics, money
and politics to name a few- but when the finest players are
on the field, whether in an international or domestic
game, the match will rise above all these
things and become what Pele referred
to as "the beautiful game".

Dream Team 2000

1Fabien BarthezManchester United
2Lilian ThuramInter Milan
3Roberto CarlosReal Madrid
4Jaap StamManchester United
5David BeckhamManchester United
6Edgar DavidsJuventus FC
7Alessandro Del PieroJuventus FC
8Luis FigoReal Madrid
9Gabriel BatistutaAC Roma
10Zinedine ZidaneJuventus FC
11RivaldoBarcelona FC
12Van Der SarInter Milan
13Javier ZanettiInter Milan
14Michael OwenLiverpool FC
15Marcelo SalasFC Lazzio
16CafuInter Milan

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